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Self portrait evening Tuesday October 9, using custom pen in SketchBook Pro

AWatkins is a curious, environmentally concious artist and fourth year Studio Art major at the University of Mary Washington.  Whilst studying there, her goal is to learn a diverse skillset in the close-knit department.  Consequently,  AWatkins is not foucsed in any one media.  Major areas of interest are 3D printing, Digital sculpting, drawing, and papermaking.  (She is primarily self-taught in these areas).  Her education has exposed her to oil and acrylic painting, green sculpting, film photography, digital image manipulation, practical and sculptural ceramics, mosaics, and book arts.  AWatkins is an avid reader and journaler, taking great satisfaction in writing by hand using a fountain pen.

AWatkins is currenly looking for a paid occupation where she may have a positive effect on the environment, though she is yet unsure what form this will take.  Possibilities include working in a public or school library, helping and educating guests on recycling, 3D printing, and the arts; working with a small company helping to design sustainable solutions to everyday waste; helping to design easily accessible recycling programs.  One of Awatkins’ priorities is that she will be able to commute by bike to her place of employment for both health and environmental reasons.

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