Sep 072012

For the four drawings above, I was filled with the need to draw, and experimented with doing so digitally.  The first was done in TabletDraw, the second and third in SketchBookExpress,  and the fourth in Blender, cleaned up later (background grid removed).  All were done on the evening of July 16 with my Intuos3 Wacom tablet.  I was frustrated with the lag in Tablet draw, and the lacking pen qualities in SketchBookExpress.  I am a very rapid sketcher, and love writing and drawing on paper with my Noodler’s fountain pen.  But I also love the way that the computer screen can be a blank canvas of variable dimension.  None of these drawings used reference images of any kind.

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Aug 272012

Today is the first day of my last year at Mary Washington. So excited am I about this year, so full of industrious energy, I woke a full hour and a half before my early alarm. As I sit in my new 1/2 dorm studio looking out at the cloudy cool morning of Ball Circle, my Maker-Bot Replicator whirr-click-hums extruding plastic into the forms I imagined not five minutes ago.

Friday Update:  This dorm studio is an incredible creative working environment.  Every morning I’ve gotten up eager to work on my project.  It’s easy to work on something else while waiting for a print but also keep a close eye in case there is a printing issue.

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Jun 112012

10-20 minute study of live model

ink on mixed media paper  46x61cm

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