Oct 102012

One of my personal areas of artistic investigation is digital drawing.  I’ve had some luck with investigating with SketchBook Express, but was frustrated with its lack of customizability.  Whilst researching SketchBook Pro despite the $69.99 price tag,  I discovered that all of the Autodesk software including Autocad and Maya are available for free download for students.  I also found out about something that immediately jumped to the top of my vehicle wishlist, the PiCycle, a gorgeous environmentally friendly electric-assist bicycle (it was designed with Autodesk software).  In downloading SketchBook, I felt like a small circus dog jumping through hoops, but I’m willing to jump through flaming hoops for a couple of hours to have free software that does exactly what I want it to do.  I’ve only scratched the surface of its capabilities, and I am eager to practice more and use tutorials to maximize my ability to use it.

First thing I was entranced by when exploring the expanded toolset was the mirror X and Y tools.  I only wish it were possible to change the angle at which the mirrors intersect, and to add a third mirror.  I love hexagon-based symmetry.

My first foray into SketchBook pro beyond fiddling with custom pens and brushes. Evening Tuesday October 9

This is my favorite part of the above drawing. I want to develop this further.

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