Oct 102012

This is a comprehensive update for weeks three through seven of the semester. My goal at the beginning of this individual study was to have weekly updates, however, I did not fully grasp the time-consuming nature of my interest in 3D printing. Week after week I took pictures and felt like there wasn’t any visible progress to report. However, things have been happening! As of First Friday last week, the in-progress Scale armor is installed in Gallery VC!

Its about a foot long right now.  The painter’s tape silhouette gives a general idea of my tunic goal for of the semester.




This is how it was Monday before the show. I had been working on it in the triangular shape because it’s easier to keep the layers straight. It’s hung on a rather dirty wall because all the clean walls in the art building were covered by art that day.

This is how the back looks and is a good idea of scale.

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